Welcome to This is a website designed to help the virtual pilot navigate the virtual skies. Try entering the following data above:
In the airport field, enter "KDEN"
In the NAVAID field, enter "DVV"
In the FIX field, enter "SAYGE"
And in the Airway field, enter "J60"

The airport pages allow you to see information about airports. In addition to displaying general info and weather, it will also display information from vatsim. If there is ATC online for an airport, they will be displayed. Furthermore, if the ATC has an ATIS up, that will be displayed in the place of the METAR. On the right side of the screen, you will find information about current flights into and out of that airport. And at the bottom of the page, you will see all of the current charts for that airport.

On the Navaid, FIX, and Airway pages you will see information about the given info. And on the airway page you will be given a link to display that airway on the website

If you are flying a flight on the online community Vatsim, you can use this website to follow your progress on your flight. Go to the Flight Tracker page, select your callsign (will only display callsigns for pilots that are currently logged in to Vatsim), and select "GO". This page will track your flight as you go, display much information about your flight, and will display charts relivant to your current phase of flight.